Irbis SP21 Doesn’t Charge

Irbis SP21

Everyone uses smartphones. You can still keep in touch with family and friends with this tiny gadget. Any system loses its charge, however. It would seem that one needs only to connect the device to its USB charging cable and wait for the process to finish. Nevertheless, the Irbis SP21 phone sometimes doesn’t charge. What to do and how to resolve the issue in this situation?

Why Doesn’t Irbis SP21 Charge

The sluggish or defective charge of the phone can be caused by several reasons:

  • the USB port is damaged or is affected by dust particles;
  • the plug in the connector is loosely fixed;
  • deformation of the cable wire;
  • failure of the working of the Android OS;
  • the battery's malfunctioning;
  • high processor load;
  • the phone charges in the wrong temperature setting.

Thankfully, you should be able to solve the problem whatever the cause. You can tackle the issue even at home without assistance from maintenance services

If the smartphone is not exposed to moisture (which is the source of charging problems), an external inspection of the device is recommended. The swelling of the case may signal a battery dysfunction as well.

Shine a flashlight in the smartphone's USB port. Check for deformations or blockages inside the device. Clean the USB port with a toothpick or other thin item without harming the phone, if necessary.

If you are having a severe problem, such as a swollen battery, contact the repair services immediately. It may be that it is no longer possible to fix such a smartphone. To prevent this, the status of the device during its usage should be monitored attentively.

Yet as a result of the USB cable being out of order, the smartphone charging rate may no longer increase the charge percentage. You can also try a different cable and charger, even if the cable has no noticeable damage. The replacement of these items will normally lead to restoring the charging process to its normal functioning.

Other ways to fix the issue

You should continue your software examination if the charger, USB cable, Irbis SP21 smartphone connector, and its battery do not seem to be the issue. Often charging issues arise because the Android operating system is malfunctioning. In this case you can correct the issue by resetting to factory settings:

  1. Open the phone settings.
  2. Go to “Recovery and reset”.
  3. Click the "Reset settings" button.

The process removes all files from the storage unit. To avoid missing important info, creating a backup copy via the settings menu is suggested.

Why is the Irbis SP21 phone Charging Slowly?

When the smartphone is connected to an electrical socket, the system will often charge very slowly. The charge indicator may appear on the screen, but the charge rate does not increase or does so for a very long time.

There are various reasons listed previously (faulty port, cable failure, system failure), but other issues may also slow down charging:

  • usage of a cable or power supply not originally provided with the device;
  • the processor's heavy load (games, Internet browsing, videos);
  • blocking of the source of power due to heavy case heating.

When users face this issue, it is recommended to disconnect the device and link it to an outlet through a different cable and power supply. If this process does not work and the system is still charging slowly, you must reset the settings or contact a repair service.

How to avoid this issue in the future

To prevent your smartphone from stopping charging, follow some basic rules:

  1. Only use original charging accessories. If the cable or power supply is not available, purchase a brand new one.
  2. Do not charge the device in a hot or cold room. Do not let direct sunlight affect the device.
  3. Do not engage in other resource-intensive activities when charging your phone.
  4. Clean up and monitor the battery periodically using special apps connectors (like Nova Battery Tester).

Conformity to these guidelines will minimize the possibility of certain issues occurring in future concerning the charging of your smartphone. Take care of your mobile device and note that the phone needs rest, just as you.

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