How to Unlock Realme V13 5G if You Forgot Your Password

Realme V13 5G

There are many reasons as to why you would need to unlock Realme V13 5G. A pattern key is an additional tool for locking Android smartphones. The operating system asks to set it up so it could be used alongside a fingerprint sensor or with face unlocking options. Budget versions of smartphones prove to be an exception, in which the pattern key is provided as an alternative to the usual digital password. Setting up an extremely complicated graphic combination can lead to problems, such as repeated erroneous input that could automatically lead to device locking. Knowing some tricks and approaches to modern Android versions can help you unlock Realme V13 5G if you forgot your password or pattern lock (depending on what option you chose for your device lock).

Usually, after the key has been entered incorrectly, information concerning the lock appears on the phone’s display. Here the OS offers the user several solutions. Among the primary ones is the SOS function, which can be used to call rescue services, as well as a means to restore access to the device. Let’s take a look at the last option now.

Unlocking Realme V13 5G via your Google Account

It should be noted right away that this method is not applicable to any and all devices. The list of verified models includes “clean” Android devices, such as Samsung, Huawei, Honor, as well as some Xiaomi models.

If you enter the wrong pattern 5 times in a row, a lock notification with a timer will open up on the display. You can find the “Forgot your pattern key?” button below, which you should tap on. The system will automatically offer to authorize into the Google account to which the phone is linked. It will be possible to input your own email and password only if you have a Wi-Fi or cellular Internet connection. If there is a working network and authorization was successful, the smartphone will be unlocked and all data will remain as is.

Resetting to factory settings

The problem can overtake the user at the wrong time, e.g. in the absence of any Internet connection. In this case, authorization via Google is not possible. There are two ways to deal with this circumstance:

  • find a place with a Wi-Fi network that is saved to the device (it’s important that the automatic connection option is activated in the settings) and do the steps described above;
  • reset the device to factory settings through the special menu of the smartphone.

The latter option merits a more detailed consideration. In almost every model based on Android, the standard Recovery utility is preinstalled for service settings. This utility will help you to unlock your device. Before performing the described actions, keep in mind that after a reset through Recovery all files will be deleted from the device memory. The fate of the elements stored on the microSD card depends on the manufacturer. Therefore, before performing any actions, we strongly recommend creating a backup copy of your data.

You need to do the following:

  1. Turn off the phone completely.
  2. Press the analogue “volume up” and “enable/unlock” buttons.
  3. After the phone emits vibration, release the power button while holding the “volume up” button until the engineering menu appears.
  4. After opening Recovery, release the button and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

Most often the menu in the Recovery mode is touch-sensitive; accordingly, clicking on the Wipe Data button should be performed as per usual when working with a smartphone device. However, in older models the menu may not have normal sensor functioning. Controlling the menu in this case is carried out as follows:

  • selecting menu items – volume keys;
  • confirm action – the power button.

After the reset, the phone will reboot and prompt you to perform the initial setup of the system. Once again, keep in mind that a factory reset deletes all user files stored in the smartphone's memory.

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