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Android 7.0 Nougat Review and Download Link for Android 7.0 Firmware

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Recently Google have publicly announced the latest version of its mobile operating system Android Nougat (7.0). The final version has many key changes and additions designed to improve optimization and ease of use of the system. As usual, the manufacturers gave the new update another sweet name, "Nougat" (a sweet paste made of nuts and chocolate).

Android 7.0

Testing and honing of the system has been ongoing since March 2016. The very first test versions of the system could only be installed on the Nexus series of smartphones and tablets. The pre-release beta version was released in July and was ready for the final revision. Key improvements and new features will be listed and described below.

Multi-Window Mode

Developers introduced the system of two simultaneously working windows to expand the functionality and the workflow for system’s users. This feature is clearly inspired by desktop PCs, as it’s a key function for organizing the workflow. The Android system is limited to only two windows to create the feeling of multitasking. Users can simultaneously browse maps and exchange texts in a messenger app, watch Youtube and read the news feed on Twitter, as well as many other possible examples of usage. In order to enable this mode users need to hold down the multitasking key.

Android 7.0 Nougat


An improved and advanced battery charge saving system is now called Doze. Thanks to efficient tracking of the OS operation, the system itself can determine when the device is being actively used and when it’s in rest mode, so it can decide which mode of savings to use. When the phone is put a bag or a pocket, the Doze function is automatically activated, thereby saving battery life.


The notification system has received significant changes and improvements. When users receive several notifications, the operating system will automatically offer to select an action depending on the task – users can archive, delete, or mark messages as read. The main improvement is the ability to reply directly through the notification bar without opening the application.

Android 7.0 Notifications

Data Saver

Android 7.0 can save megabytes of user traffic when using mobile Internet via GSM and LTE networks, as the new platform can limit incoming and outgoing traffic. This is implemented by bypassing application requests through the mobile network. Users can configure the access of any application and set the priority to be in concordance with the Wi-Fi network.

Android 7.0 data saver


The virtual reality platform based on the new Daydream system will be compatible with several devices. Users will need to buy a special VR headset for a more complete immersion in the augmented virtual reality.


The system and OS security have improved compared to the previous versions of the “green robot” platform. If the device has been lost and found by someone, they will not be able to use it. If they try and reflash or unlock the phone using third-party software, it will simply lock itself and will ask for the account password despite a complete reset and a firmware change.

New Folder Design

The main visual change to the Android Nougat system is the improved look of folders and icons. The rounded appearance of folders with icons inside are sure to catch the eye. New animations of the folders and their transparent look make for significant changes to the new system from Google.

Alt+Tab on Android

This is also a function taken straight from desktop PCs. Similar to the Alt+Tab combination on a computer, Android users can now double-tap the Browse button to open the previous app. A long press allows users to select from a list of available applications.

Dark Mode

One of the more minor, but still important updates is the addition of dark mode. Google care for the users' eyesight, and so they have added this mode with brightness and contrast adjustment to the dark environment around the user.

Dark Mode Android 7

Installing Android 7.0 Firmware

Now updating and installing the operating system on your smartphone or tablet has become even easier.  Just download Android 7.0 from our website, follow the instructions, download and install the application on your smartphone or tablet operating on the Android system to install the new firmware.

To download the firmware for your mobile device, you need to select your device from the list below or by clicking the link:


Download Android 7.0 Nougat



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